Production processes

Our centrifugal casting production process for grey cast iron and ductile cast iron

At our foundry in Sörup we create iron alloys precisely tailored to customer needs. Casting ladles transport the liquid cast iron to centrifugal casting machines specially designed and manufactured by us. Here the liquid cast iron is formed into the cast blank using centrifugal force closely observing various parameters such as time and rotational speed, cooling, mould material or geometry.

Centrifugal casting offers a higher quality then static casting

The result is a homogeneous blank with a very fine material structure. On the other hand, it possesses significantly higher key mechanical and technological properties compared to conventional static casting. This combination allows many advanced applications. Using centrifugal composite/bimetallic casting, these blanks can even combine the advantages of two different materials in one component.

After cooling, the castings will be individually machined. Our experienced staff uses a variety of state-of-the-art lathes, milling and drilling centres, as well as honing and annealing systems. They comply with the highest quality standards of dimensional accuracy, geometric dimensioning and tolerancing, as well as surface finish.

We regularly have our grey cast iron materials and centrifugal casting production processes certified. Please find some of our certificates to download on the left.

We would be pleased to answer your questions about centrifugal casting and the application spectrum for engine and machine components. Our customer support starts with the design phase, continued by prototypes which are followed by serial production. Finally, we stay in touch with our excellent after-sales service.

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