Anti-polishing rings

First-class components of the combustion chamber
Highest requirements for large engines


M. JÜRGENSEN manufactures rings made from centrifugally cast materials with diameters of up to 900 millimetres, for a wide variety of applications in engine construction and mechanical engineering.

For instance, anti-polishing rings ensure that the piston crown is automatically cleaned of any combustion residue sticking to it. This prevents "bore-polishing" thereby considerably prolonging the service life of the liner.

We always produce cylinder liners and anti-polishing rings from the same material, thereby ensuring the identical physical behaviour of both parts when the engine is running.

Dimensions – finished part:

Inside Ø [mm] Outside Ø [mm] Length [mm] Weight [kg]
100 - 900 130 - 980 30 - 250 0.5 - 200

We would be pleased to answer your questions about centrifugal casting and the application spectrum for engine and machine components. Our customer support starts with the design phase, continued by prototypes which are followed by serial production. Finally, we stay in touch with our excellent after-sales service.

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