Cylinder liners

First-class components of the combustion chamber
Highest requirements for large engines


The medium speed four-stroke diesel engine sector now includes cylinder output of up to 2150 kilowatts, with cylinder bores as large as 640 millimetres. So the term “serial production” stands for extraordinary performance. Our machinery is precisely tuned to the diversity of this specialised market.

Liner production from one source

Our clients receive one-stop, comprehensive quality: M. Jürgensen carries out all process steps, through to the finished product.

It is a matter of course for M. JÜRGENSEN to keep adjusting to reflect dynamic developments in the market. This is true not only for technical equipment but also with regard to our manufacturing capacity. Customers value us as an expert development partner and a flexible, loyal supplier.

Dimensions – Finished part:

Inside Ø [mm] Outside Ø [mm] Length [mm] Weight [kg]
190 – 640 230 – 1000 450 – 1900 20 – 2150

We would be pleased to answer your questions about centrifugal casting and the application spectrum for engine and machine components. Our customer support starts with the design phase, continued by prototypes which are followed by serial production. Finally, we stay in touch with our excellent after-sales service.

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