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From raw material to finished part

Our expertise in material compositions is our capital. We know exactly what mix of steel, pig iron and many different alloy constituents is right for each final product. The choice of materials as well as the sound process parameters is crucial to the quality and characteristics of our products.

Extensive data-base for centrifugal casting materials

Together with our customers, we have developed a range of material compositions to ensure the best properties in continuous operation. We have an extensive database of centrifugal casting alloys as a basis for calculation when drawing up design plans.

Our materials experts oversee every stage, from the casting process to the finished product and also the subsequent operation in machines and engines. The various highly specialised testing processes begin in the foundry laboratory at the melt and continue through mechanical production to the finished product.

We work with different materials during the manufacture of our products, depending on what is required:  


We regularly have our grey cast iron materials and centrifugal casting production processes certified. Please find some of our certificates to download on the left.