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Tailor-made grey casting cylinder liners for reciprocating compressors

A cylinder liner for reciprocating compressors is almost always custom-built, as the compressor must be adapted to the media, pressure, volume, temperature etc. required for the application in question. M. JÜRGENSEN has years of experience as a supplier to noted European, American and Asian compressor manufacturers.

Grey casting cylinders with up to 1400 millimeter length and 900 millimeter bore diameter

Our machines are able to produce cylinder liners with the centrifugal casting process in a variety of materials. We produce grey casting sleeves with bore dimensions as wide as 900 millimeters and in lengths of up to 1,400 millimeters.

Dimensions – Finished part:

Inside Ø [mm] Outside Ø [mm] Length [mm] Weight [kg]
100 – 900 130 – 980 140 – 1400 2 – 800