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Mission Statement

Our Mission 

We have been manufacturing products of the highest quality for decades. As the market leader, we serve virtually all companies in our market segment – including global corporations.

We are quality-conscious, customer-oriented, reliable and innovative. These values form the foundation of our company. Our customers place their trust in this. These are our strengths.

Each of us shapes the M. JÜRGENSEN image and is formative in the company’s success. 

The recognition we receive from our customers and other business partners for our modern business and the way we run it motivates us anew every day. 

Our Principles 

  1. We are open to change, but not at any price.
    We recognise changing conditions and respond to them quickly and constructively.
    In doing so, we carefully weigh opportunities and risks. As an innovative company with a long-view approach, we rely not on drastic changes, but on steady, ongoing improvements in all areas.

  2. We are team-oriented, but do not shy away from conflict.
    To achieve our goals, we pull together and help each other. If there is something that calls for criticism, we provide it - respectfully and constructively.

  3. We are proud but not arrogant.
    We are proud of our achievements, products, quality and our ethical conduct.
    This self-regard governs our behaviour towards customers, suppliers, service providers, our neighbours - and not least to each and every one of our colleagues.
    All of our partners are important for our daily business and our future. Accordingly, we treat them with respect and courtesy

  4. We are environmentally conscious, but goal-oriented.
    Effective environmental protection is one of our most important tasks. But not all dirt is pollution. We occasionally need to make a distinction between them.

  5. We are responsible - no ifs or buts.
    Each of us feels responsible for his actions – at all times and in every situation. 


Our Vision 

We are and will remain a medium-sized company based in Sörup. We know our roots and cherish them. We are self-reliant and independent. 

Quality and technology leadership guarantee reliability and a stable market position. We handle all of our processes with the utmost efficiency. 

In the new parts market, we are and remain the world's number-one producer of cylinder liners for medium-speed four-stroke engines.  

Thanks to our expertise, we are opening up adjacent niches, where we will also achieve success.